3 Keys to Unlocking Your Soul Purpose

Knowing and understanding your life purpose can be easier than you think. Sometimes you hear meaning in life expressed as something or event – work, relationship, whatever. In fact, it's the deepest expression of who you are and how you move around the world – your core. It is a light that guides you on your life path.

You also know feelings have nothing to do with the meaning of your life. We all have these "desert" experiences – sometimes for hours or days, and sometimes even months and years – they are part of the season of being human. From time to time we all forget our inner compass unlock your inner light .

Here are some simple questions to think about and find your purpose in life or calibrate your compass if you feel a little off track. Having pen to paper helps you focus and avoid distractions. This increases the usability of your experience – and depth.

1. Who am I really? Name 10 traits, unique attributes, or traits that make you yours.

2. What excites me the most? Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Write down everything that comes to mind and go back and circle the things that have a lot of energy and emotional charge around them. Add more as they appear when you see what you circled.

3. What are the 3 most fulfilling moments in my life? Why? What are the characteristics of this experience? When have you felt fully connected, alive, and full of energy?

Look at what you write and find features and common topics. End the things that stand out the most and write a vision. See what he has to say about who you are and who you want to be in the world.

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