A Guide to 2D Animation

2D animation means all moving art made to work in two-dimensional space. In it, individual images are put together in sequence and when they are played together, it gives the illusion of moving films. It allows animators to make art moving without involving human or natural scenery and creating all kinds of characters, beings, and backgrounds as they want.

As the name suggests, 2D animation is related to the objects and figures, which can only be measured by their height and width. One can use the 2D animation explainer videos to get artistic media to tell stories and convey messages through characters and objects that move in a two-dimensional environment.


The purpose of animated videos is to communicate stories or messages clearly and involve the audience by creating a coherent visual experience.

How is 2D animation made?

There are 2 types of animation processes. There are 2D animation processes and 3D animation processes. We will focus on the 2D animation process that you can follow to make 2D animated videos.

2D animation requires the use of special 2D animation tools and follows the set process including aspects such as storyboarding, animation, layout, audio, visual, etc. An animator is an integral part of the whole process, sketching the initial idea for finalizing videos.

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