A Guide To Piercing Aftercare Solutions

Anyone who has ever had a piercing knows that a decision about the treatment of the next piercing is necessary for the piercing to heal. But you may be wondering how post-piercing care solutions work and why piercers recommend piercing-specific products over other options.

The piercing mist is a mixture of pure water and sodium chloride. You may know it as a saline solution. Saline is used in many ways, including cleaning wounds (such as piercings), treating dehydration, or clearing nasal passages.

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The most common advice from piercing experts is to use the solution for subsequent piercing treatments 2-3 times a day. Regular cleaning combined with a healthy lifestyle, regular hygiene, and avoiding irritation from fresh piercings is the best recipe for a healthy piercing.


As a piercing care company, we firmly believe that a saline solution specially designed for post-piercing care is the best solution for your piercing needs. But there are many reasons why we have come to this conclusion.

Solutions for subsequent piercing treatment are properly prepared and shipped in sterile packaging. The new piercings are very subtle. 

Household solutions are not sterile and inevitably get the wrong salt to water ratio, which can lead to complications. Investing in a tailor-made solution for your piercing takes all the guesswork out of it and you can rest assured that your piercing will stay healthy.

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