All About Effective Web Design

Before you start designing a website effectively, there are some basic web design concepts that you should understand. You can get the best service of web design Raleigh via

Effective design

Now that you know what web design and related terms mean, let's get down to reality: Effective Design How to balance artistic design with practicality and functionality.

Use of graphics and content

Unless your website is all about graphics, creation, editing, or a series of links to graphic websites, use graphics sparingly, especially flashing, rotating.

Not only does it distract readers from the content, but it can also take centuries to load as well. You don't want readers to leave your website because graphically attractive pages don't seem to load fast enough.

On the other hand, too much text is boring. So combine graphics and text on your page with enough free space so that the page doesn't distract you.

Layout and design

When you are designing, keep in mind that poor layout and design will make your pages illegible and it will be difficult to keep visitors on your site for long. Some of the things that make design and layout bad:

  • Text too small to read
  • The combination of text and background colors makes the text difficult to read
  • Large graphic files that load forever
  • Several things flickered
  • Navigation is not clear; about complicated navigation
  • The paragraph in all capital letters, bold and italic at once
  • Graphics that do not fit the screen (when a 640 x 460-pixel screen is accepted)
  • Animations that never stop
  • Complicated shots, too many shots, unnecessary scroll bars
  • Too full and inadequate alignment of elements
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