An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer Can Change Your Results In Erie PA

There's probably no worse feeling than seeing a flashing blue light behind you as you drive home from a beautiful evening. Of course, there is no reason or good reason to drive drunk. But things are not always that simple.

The lives of good people have been ruined by accusations of unjust drunk driving. There is legitimate hatred within the road safety community, but some people have been caught on the web that doesn't belong there. If you are one of them, you may find that a DUI advocate in Erie PA can make a difference in the outcome you get from the court system.

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Police and courts deal with drunk driving cases every day. Because these smuggling-related cases are so common, they are often handled in a short process, with little chance of success for the accused. After all, the evidence is there, right? The breathalyzer doesn't lie, does it? More often than not, defendants, feeling no other choice, simply plead guilty. 

Severe punishment

As a DUI attorney can tell you, the courts don't play around when it comes to sentences for drunk driving. They can't because the political climate demands severe punishment. In many cases, one's license can be revoked for the first infringement.

Drunk driving is wrong; no one denies that. But being tried and convicted in court without getting the side of the story right is even worse. Be careful that this doesn't happen to you.

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