An Informative Guide on Poisonous Spiders in NC

The spiders that people see most often are the common house spider, the brown recluse and the black widow. All three spiders have been known to bite humans, but their bites vary in severity. 

House spiders are the most common type of spider in North America and are usually harmless. They usually don’t bite unless they’re threatened or if they feel their food is being stolen. Most house spider bites don’t leave any marks, but a few can cause minor skin irritation. To know more about poisonous spiders in NC, you can simply visit

Brown recluses are one of the most dangerous types of spiders in the United States. They’re typically found in rural areas and homes that have old wood furniture or other areas where they can hide.

Brown recluses are notorious for biting humans, although their bites are also relatively mild. The majority of brown recluse bites won’t result in any symptoms at all, but a small percentage can result in serious infection. 

Black widows are found mostly in warm climates and typically build their nests inside homes. Black widows are one of the few spiders that can kill a human with a single bite, which is why they’re so feared. The average black widow bite doesn

There are many different kinds of spiders, but some of them have venom and some don’t. Here’s a quick guide to help you tell which kind of spider is dangerous: 

  • If the spider has fangs, it’s probably a venomous spider.
  • If the spider has a long web, it’s probably a web-building spider.
  • If the spider has big eyes and a hairy body, it’s probably a large-eyed spider.
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