Are You Missing Silica In Your Hydroponics Growing System

Hydroponic growing has a lot of overlooked aspects. Soluble silicon is a mineral that naturally occurs and which plants can absorb and make good use of. Adding silica to your hydroponic system will also provide benefits. For example, plants will be more resilient to stress, nutrient deficiencies, and temperature fluctuations.

This mineral is used in cut flower production for many years. Since the beginning of time, the benefits of silicon plant nutrients  have been well-known in the horticultural industry. It is one of the most common elements in soil and is the primary substrate for nearly all plants.

Silicate has many benefits, especially for supermarkets. Now, si (soluble) can be used to provide greater tolerance to environmental stressors such as heat, salt, mineral toxicity, or deficiencies. It also improves growth rates, resistance to insects, and may even eliminate the need for fungicides.

This results in the plant's cell walls being stronger than ever. It also has a higher stem strength and a greater metabolic function.

* Increases resistance against pathogens

Have you ever experienced powdery mildew? It is usually difficult to treat pathogens once they have been established. Rust and other fungal infections are the most common and costly to treat. Silica acts as a barrier to prevent pathogens from getting into your body.

* Hydroponic Foliage Spraying Crops with Silicate

Spraying leaves with soluble silicon has shown excellent results in most cases. The reason plants absorb more from the foliage than the roots is likely to be because the leaf surface has dried silica, which acts as a barrier against little suckers like mites and aphids.

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