Australia Business Visa Applications and Your Required Business Plan

Business visa applications will require a business plan that involves extensive details including financial projections and expected business growth projections, along with the employee's position title and organization charts.

These plans typically include a brief description of employee jobs, salary levels, market analysis and description of business competition in the industry of your business, and much more. You can get an Australian visa online from

A good business plan should have an approach that is well thought-out detailed information about the vision and overall business aspects. The elements of a good business plan contain the following information:

• An Executive Summary, which should be comprehensive to include the key elements of the overall business plan.

• An Industry Overview, which should include the major players in the industry trends, and projected industry growth.

• A Market Analysis of the objective, which should explain the products and services, including geographic location, demographics, the need for these targeted markets.

The Australian visa for successful businesspeople over 50

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• A Competitive Analysis, which must investigate your business direct and indirect competition, and the assessment of the advantage in the competition and how the business will overcome the barriers to market selected.

• Marketing Plan, which should detail the sales strategy, pricing plan, proposed advertising and promotional projects, as well as the benefits of the product or the service.

• Financial Plan A, which must explain the fund or fund-raising activities of your business, capital investment, resources, detailed financial reports and analysis, and five-year projections.

There are different approaches and format for a business plan. Each of these will depend on the targeted audience. However, in consideration of a business visa petition, the target audience of Australia Immigration and Citizenship Services, under the Department of Homeland Security.

Some businesses are more complex than others and you should consult your accountant with what fits best shape entity needs and goals. Once it is determined, our office can help you complete the proper paperwork to get you started and legally establish your business.

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