Awareness About Breast Lumps Biopsy

A lipoma is a development of fatty tissue, which grows slowly under your skin. People of any age can develop a lipoma but it is uncommon for children to develop it. A lipoma can develop on any part of the body but it usually appears on the breast.

A lipoma usually has distinct characteristics. If you suspect that you have a lipoma it will generally easily move when prodded with your finger, grow slowly, colourless and soft to touch. You can refer to to know more about breast lumps.


A lipoma is painful only when it compresses nerves beneath the skin. When you notice any changes in your skin, you can contact your breast surgeons. Lipomas can look very similar to a rare liposarcoma cancer.

Additionally, health care providers can diagnose a lipoma by doing a physical examination. It feels soft and is not sore. As it is made of fatty tissues, the lipoma often moves easily when stimulated.

Breast surgeons may be taking a lipoma biopsy in some cases. They will collect a small portion of the tissue during this process and send it for examination to a laboratory. If your lipoma begins to enlarge and becomes painful, it may be removed by your doctor.

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