Considering Options in the Engineering Industry

If traditional research methods are too expensive, inaccurate, and time-consuming, 3D laser research (also known as laser scanning) can help. Scanning not only captures data faster and more accurately than conventional survey methods but also lowers survey costs by shortening survey time.

This study has several advantages for different industries. In this article, we'll examine ways that 3D laser scanning can benefit engineering companies.

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1. General information between architects and construction companies

The results of the scans can be expressed in a computerized data model that makes it easy for architects, engineers, and construction companies to compare their individual plans. When the architectural and/or construction plans are out of sync with the construction plans, the problem can be solved by editing the data model. Without this convenience, problems with the construction plan could manifest during construction, resulting in expensive renovation costs.

2. Construction and modeling sites

Before starting a construction project, the buildings and their locations are modeled according to their environment. Scanning a construction project makes it easy by providing editable data models and rotating views of the scanned object.

3. Pipe collision control

A technical piping system that does not collide with other components can be annoying. It's also annoying to make sure the pipes don't bump into each other. With its data manipulation model and rotating scan information display, technicians can control collisions for pipelines as they can, without the need for trial and error.

4. 3D laser imaging for reverse engineering

Reverse engineering takes the finished product and reconstructs its design information into a format in which new parts/shapes can be created. Laser research supports the reverse engineering process in two ways:

• By providing accurate spatial information.

• Allows information to be expressed in the form of a CAD model that can be created directly.

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