CPE Instructional Delivery Methods

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more options for you can earn continuous professional education (CPE) credits. In contrast, the traditional approach of attending a class or conference as a person is slowly returning thanks to the easing of restrictions on pandemics as well as earning credits via live classes, cpe online courses, and text-based learning electronic media, and many other ways are on the rise. 

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Live Instruction

In all courses, there is a method of learning through live online classes that were more popular during the time of the pandemic in alternative to attending in-person classes and conferences.

Group Live Instruction

The live instruction method for group members is described as the process of synchronous (simultaneous) instruction in a group context that includes real-time interaction with instructors or an expert, which provides the essential components of attendance tracking and engagement. 

Web-based Group Instruction

Many professionals find that taking a CPE class on platforms like Zoom can easily be integrated into their busy schedules, which may include a number of Zoom calls or conferences. Internet-based group instruction is defined as online learning that is synchronous and involves the instructor's interaction in real-time or with other subject-matter specialists and integrated processes for attendance and interaction.

Self-Study Coursework

Self-study classes are ideal for professionals who don't have the chance to take classes during their day, as many working accountants in public accounting have the opportunity to accomplish. Self-study courses are educational course that is completed by the individual without the help or involvement of a live instructor.

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