Facial Microdermabrasion – A Non-Surgical Treatment For Improved Skin

Your skin is biologically the largest organ in your body. From birth, your skin perpetually and continues to grow, a cycle of dying off and regenerating. This cycle is what gives us an appearance of youth or on the contrary shows our age.

Because the process of skin regeneration slows as we age, we begin to notice wrinkles, creases, and imperfections in our face. We are told these are the ravages of time, however, is there a solution? Consider the benefits of facial microdermabrasion. To get more information about microdermabrasion facial https://www.cleopatrabeautylounge.com/Home/.

Facial microdermabrasion serves to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of age, through the exact same procedure our bodies use naturally. For many years, the solution to a younger face was a surgical facelift, however, in the last decade, a process known as microdermabrasion has gained widespread popularity in the United States.

The skin has a cellular memory that will replace the old skin on the top layer of your epidermis; the re-growth of new skin underneath will push this top layer out. As the top layer (dead skin cells) sloughs off (falls off naturally) the newer layer is revealed, replacing the old skin. As we age, this process slows and it takes longer for the skin to slough off and the new skin to rise upward. Facial microdermabrasion will naturally speed up this process by removing the dead skin cells.

Aside from the inherent benefits of a youthful appearance, a natural glow, and revitalized look, the removal of dead skin through facial microdermabrasion, also known as exfoliation, will improve the oxygen receptors in our skin, rebuild cells and skin structure, and eliminate unhealthy waste matter deposits on our skin.

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