Filling The Canteen Of Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is a product of our own experiences. What's unique about emotional resilience is that, unlike physical resilience, experiences don't have to match the difficulties we face now.

In a training environment, this type of "transition" is used in many professions to create emotional resilience. You can also check for the certified resilience coach certification via the web.

Resilience Training

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Airline pilots, the military, salespeople, law enforcement officials, and more recently, health care professionals use immersion simulation environments to introduce controlled simulated stress in a way that allows these professionals to develop emotional resilience.

The internet is full of software programs and even video games that allow an entrepreneur to "train" his financial forecasting skills in running his business.

Whether we actually use these "life lessons" to fill or empty our dining rooms is entirely up to us. We all know people who spend their lives complaining. Every small delay is a big problem, every challenge is an insurmountable object. 

Some of these people, when faced with truly tragic life events, "rise to the occasion." Everyone around them was amazed that this person was "so familiar". Unfortunately, this is a rare result of failing to build emotional resilience from everyday life. 

When these individuals have been studied, they draw their resilience from the other three canteens, and indeed most from their spiritual canteen.

The beauty of being able to share this emotional resilience is that it doesn't take a drop from your dining room.

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