Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Kids Who Love Arts And Crafts

Crafty gifts are simply the best – they encourage the use of a child's creativity and imagination. They also promote some gadget-free time! So if the children in your life love to draw, color, or simply do arts and crafts, the best choice is to give them cool gifts that will help hone their talents!

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Here are the best Christmas gifts for kids who love arts and crafts:

Mandala Coloring Book For Kids

Like adults, kids also need to relax and de-stress. And one great way for the little ones to do so is to have some quiet time just coloring! Coloring offers plenty of benefits to children – it helps them express creativity and self-expression, it assists in fine motor skills, plus they get to have some gadget-free time!

This beautiful Mandala Coloring Book for kids have over 45 beautifully designed mandalas that are age-appropriate ( ages 4 and up). Perfect for stress relief for both boys and girls!

Marbling Paint Art Kit

Aside from coloring, painting is another way for artsy kids to practice their craft! This Marbling Paint Art Kit by Dan&Darci allows kids to experience something awesome. Instead of painting on paper, they get to make artworks in water! Truly something unique that will appeal to children of all ages, whether they're into arts and crafts or not!

The kit includes an illustrated instruction guide, a design tray, art sheets, 5 paints, carageenan powder, styluses, pipette, spoon and more!

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