How do you support the people?

One of the most important ways that a government can support its people is by providing them with basic needs. 

In recent years, various governments around the world have started to take this approach by increasing welfare programs and instituting new policies that help to improve the lives of their citizens.

For example, in India, the government has increased the welfare program called Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). This program provides free healthcare, food subsidies, and other benefits to low-income families.If you want to know more about the latest Punjabi news you can browse different online resources.

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Another important way that governments can support their people is by providing them with education. Many countries around the world have implemented policies that promote education for all children. These policies often include free or low-cost school lunches and other educational subsidies.

latest Punjabi news 

There are many top current issues in the world that people are talking about. However, one of the most talked about topics right now is the latest Punjabi news.

The latest Punjabi news can be classified under a few different categories, including politics, sports, and lifestyle. For example, there has been much discussion recently about the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. This resignation comes after a long history of political disputes between him and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

There have also been reports of violence and protests involving Sikhs in Canada. This violence has been sparked by an article that was published in a Canadian newspaper that alleged persecution against Sikhs in India. The Canadian government has responded by stating that it is looking into these allegations.

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