How Often Should Residential Windows Be Repaired?

If the windows in your house are between 15 to 20 years old you should replace the windows. It's not the only method of determining whether you require new windows. Old windows can raise your cost by up to 50 percent. You can also get a window replacement via

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The replacement of windows can reduce costs for energy and ensure your family is healthy and safe, enhance the aesthetics of your home and enhance the value of your home.

Check out the windows of your home. Make sure they're sealed or nailed shut. This could indicate that you'll need to replace your windows. It could be extremely dangerous in the event of a fire and your windows do not offer an escape route. 

Other indicators include frozen or frozen glaze in the winter months, a fog that is suffused with condensation or drafts, an interior window that is cool to touch during the winter months, and warm and comfortable in the summer. All of these factors can contribute to the high cost of energy.

An excellent way to test whether your windows haven't been sealed correctly, mark the frame of your window using an unlit candle to observe if the flame lights. If so, your windows are not performing their task. Because of the excess humidity from the absence of quality insulation, you may develop a mold problem as well as rotting window frames.

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