India Travel Visa: An Easy Entry to India

India is a fascinating country and effervescent, with a large range of culture and diversity. Many people come to visit this beautiful country every year for different purposes, including religious pilgrimages, tourism and commerce etc. All foreign citizens wishing to come to India are required to have a valid passport from their country and a valid Indian visa.

With a few exceptions, there are four major requirements for a visa to India. Falling submitting the required documents may result in visa denied. Visa categories depending on the purpose of the trip and the maximum length of the applicant's stay in the country. You can check out India eVisa Online Application for getting more information about visa services worldwide.

The application forms

Application form is the first step that comes in getting a visa to travel India. Indian Embassy and consulates of India is the place to apply for your visa. This can be done the same day or either apply by mail but this process is a little longer. Consular Passport and Visa Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the issuance of Visa India from foreign countries for their visit to India for various reasons.

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Taking pictures

Visa application form requires two identical passport size photographs (color, facing front, 2 "X 2"). Special attention needs to be paid to the photo requirements such as glass should not be worn. Other requirements mentioned in the application of.


Foreign nationals who require a visa India must have their own passports with at least six months beyond the intended stay remaining before expiration. In addition, it should be at least two blank pages where they can stamp a visa.

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