Is Back Pain Really An Issue?

You may have been suffering with back pain for a while, but is it really an issue. The statistics say that over 80% of adults will suffer with back ache or pain at some stage, that chronic back pain is more likely than not as you age.

So if it is so common is it really worth worrying about, shouldn't we just accept it and know that our lives will be filled with pain as we age. After all every other system in the body does the exact same.

You breathe in and out and it is painful, every time your heart beats you feel discomfort, thinking is a painful process, you can even feel your kidneys, liver, bowel, stomach racked with pain every time they function.

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So why should back pain be any different?

Yes that's right, normal functioning systems should be painless. If you felt every breath with a stitch of pain you would be worried, if every time your heart took a beat you had pain radiating down your arm you would be concerned.

The same applies to back aches and pain. It is not normal to suffer with pain. You should be able to walk freely, play with your children and eventually grand children all without an ounce of pain.

Just because back ache is common it does not mean it is "normal". If it was normal, then pain would be normal and every system in your body would create pain. But it doesn't!

So to make sure back aches and pain isn't an issue, you should be removing it now before you have chronic pain in your elder years. Just because everyone else is suffering with pain doesn't mean you should.

Apply simple techniques that you can use at home to help balance your muscles and joints and you to can become pain free. Back pain relief is an easy exercise that takes a minimal amount of time. But you need to think of back pain relief as an investment.

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