Make the Perfect Joints And Blunts With Glass Filter Tips

1. Take the tip of your favorite glass filter and place it in the center of the removable paper. Put your best stuff on paper and make sure the part near the filter is filled in correctly, otherwise, your joint could collapse later and the punch will feel too broad.

2. The base of the refillable joint filter is very important. This affects the balance of your joints or blunted airflow when smoking. Make sure it's not crowded but still full. Then fill in the rest of the paper as you spread the concoction evenly on the paper. 

3. The next part is to roll the paper up and down while your direction of stability is your filter. Start with both hands on the sides of the glass and slowly slide your left hand. Throw joints for projecting angles.  

4. Rotate your joints and stop when the potion swears for the first time while the adhesive side is on top and the non-glued side is in front of the joint. The only thing that matters now is that the right edge of the paper on the side of the glass filter fits exactly under the rest of the paper.

5. So put your right thumb closest to the edge of the paper and roll the seam toward you. Use your other hand to form the rest of the joint / stump while still rolling it towards you with your right hand and keep rolling until both hands form closer together.

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