Online Book Publishing – How to Self Publish

Publishing books online is easier than ever. This article describes how to publish using only the online publishing tool. You can get the best information about book formatting services via

Let me start with a story.

When I was a young man of about 12 or 13 years old I wanted to write and publish a book. This was in the late seventies and computer technology was still in its embryonic form.

Needless to say, even though I lacked current technology and I was young and inexperienced, I set out in my quest to publish my book.

I achieved some surprising results but the whole process would have been so much easier with today's online book publishing technology.

 I'll tell you in a moment how my first self-publishing venture turned out but first let me point out some important considerations that will help you in your own publishing pursuits.

First off, you must realize that there are indeed myriad online book publishing resources. Accordingly, because there are so many choices you must know exactly how to evaluate online publishers.

That is, do they offer?

Print on demand otherwise known as on-demand publishing. Some online publishers do not actually offer print-on-demand services and if you are a neophyte author/ self-publisher I recommend that you stay away from these services.

Why? Often these online book publishers are really just printers and they will require you to order a minimum number of books which can sometimes be 500 or 1000 books. Stick with ordering just one or two books with print on demand online book publishers.

Keep your expenditures to a minimum as you are starting out. Once the books start to sell then you can start thinking about ordering larger print runs.

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