Physical Therapy: New Advances In Physical Therapy Treatment

Spinal decompression is one of the latest developments in physical therapy for patients suffering from neck or back pain. This is an improvement on the previous spinal traction machines. Although the concept is similar, we now understand why this treatment works so well in most cases. You can choose the best physical massage services in North York for the best recovery.

It's crucial to understand why your spine hurts. Human spines often hurt due to the fact that our discs are being worn out by gravity, time, and genetics. In the beginning, intermittent pain is a result of these changes. If we're lucky, we can get by our lives with no severe, constant, or disabling pain. Many people aren't so fortunate.

It is important to ask the question, "Is it possible to alter this natural course of spine aging, and for some, pain and disability?" This is a broad question. This question could be broken down into multiple questions. I will give you a simple solution to a more difficult question.

Is there a way to meaningfully improve the human condition of spinal degeneration, disability, and pain? 

This is the quickest way to fix this problem. You can physically pull the vertebrae apart. If you don't have a very sophisticated spinal decompression system, you can either use one or a combination of both. Inversion tables may be helpful for mildly compressed spines. However, they will not work if there is a serious problem.

The following information is important for professionals: CT scans show that spinal discs can be regenerated. This has been demonstrated by improved disc heights after several treatments. Decompression results in an increase in cell count and a synthesis of reparative compounds in discs. Patients who are treated in this manner often experience significant improvements.

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