Places In Santa Monica To Visit

Venice beach

Venice Beach is famous for its Muscle Beach, where people exercise in the sun, and basketball and volleyball courts, which are of a very high standard. It's a great place for people to watch.

The famous Ocean Front Boardwalk exudes a distinct bohemian feel and offers a captivating combination of artists, musicians, hippies, rollerbladers, religious fanatics, and New Agers that will get you intoxicated. The beach itself is a pretty cool place to take a walk.

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South Center

This may come as a surprise to some, but South Central is also part of a Southern California experience like Beverly Hills, Hollywood or Venice Beach.

Great place to learn first-hand about "street life" and African American culture. The tour to South Central LA, especially for fans of rap music, is an eye-opening attempt.

While gangs, drugs, crime, poverty, and shootings still exist, and visiting the area alone, and especially at night, isn't a good idea, you'll see a side of life in California that is rarely seen in travel literature.

Fishing is another activity that is very popular here and does not require a permit. Fishing rods and bait can be rented if you wish. Surfing is also allowed all year round. It is also considered a safe place to swim.

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