Reasons Why You Must Have A Foam Cooler

Hurricane landings and strong tropical storms can cause power outages and wind damage. Thermally insulated coolers are a great option in such situations. They can provide comforts like cool beverages, perishable food, and medical supplies that will not go to waste. 

There are two options for quality coolers that can do the job: standard hardshell and expanded polystyrene foam-constructed iceboxes. You can also purchase foam coolers in Hawaii by visiting this link

Blue Hawaii water Bottles

These are reasons that a foam cooler icebox is better than metal or hardshell plastic when the weather turns bad.

Hard-shell coolers that are capable of matching the performance of superior thick-walled foam coolers can be quite expensive. This is because many people affected by storms cannot afford one that will keep their belongings cold for long periods. People in dire need are forced to choose cheaper alternatives that don't perform as well. This puts them at risk of spoiled food and ruined medicines while they wait for help from the outside.

A metal or plastic cooler with a similar size and volume to an 85-quart foam chest can cost between two hundred and four hundred dollars. The foam version is only fifteen dollars. For the same amount as a hard shell cooler, you can purchase dozens of foam ice boxes.

This is a much better option from a community benefit perspective. A person can have enough goods on hand to stock up for days, and still be able to help others in need, even if they aren't as prepared or may sustain damage that could put them in a difficult situation.


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