Scoliosis Exercise – Can Stop Progression of Idiopathic Scoliosis?

Recent studies have shown that women with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis have a measurable asymmetry in body rotation. Doctors often prescribe rotation exercises to treat this problem and stop the development of spinal deformities in children.

Several investigators have suggested that muscle weakness may be related to the etiology of scoliosis. Most studies have rejected this hypothesis and have since found that strength differences in patients with scoliosis are the result of biomechanical and soft tissue adaptations. 

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There are two main sections of muscle fibers in the human skeletal system. Type I muscles are slow-twitch, fatigue-resistant muscles that are responsible for postural control. These muscles are subconsciously controlled by the brain and are responsible for the position of the bones seen on X-rays. 

Type II muscles, on the other hand, tire easily and are considered voluntary motors. When you consciously tell your hand to reach for the pencil and take it, you are activating Type II phase muscles. 

Torso rotation is an active voluntary activity, the muscles responsible for the action will be Type II dominated. Therefore, because Type II muscles do not greatly affect the gravitational alignment of the spine, these muscle groups are unlikely to affect the actual structure of the spine. 

Exercises with body rotation scoliosis that strengthen these muscles cannot affect the stability of scoliosis due to the physiological phenomena of this type of muscle. The following study demonstrates the effects of body rotation exercises which clearly demonstrates the short-term nature of this type of scoliosis exercise program. 

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