Techniques of Axe Throwing Game

If you are new to axe throwing then you need to know some facts about the game. You can only play this game if you know the technique of it otherwise you will end up hurting yourself. You can enjoy playing the Axe Game in Santa Clarita at Paintball USA.

Axe Throwing 101: A Complete Guide to Rules, Technique and Games

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The basic technique of the game:- 

There are two ways to throw the axe and a player is allowed to use one of these two methods:-

1 One-handed axe throwing technique:-Axe will be held by one hand & behind or over the head.

2 Two-handed axe throwing techniqueAxe will be held by two hands & behind or over the head 

You cannot throw an axe with any other method. 

Rotation: Your axe needs to rotate at least once before reaching the target in order to make the score count. There is an exception if your axe is halfway or more close to complete the full rotation but the blade touches the target then also throws counts. 

The distance of Axe Throwing:- There is a boxed area that is marked around 12-15 feet away from the target. This box is 3 feet wide and the player has to throw the axe while standing in that box. 

The lead foot of the player has to be in a marked area when he is throwing the axe. The other foot can be outside the boxed area or behind it. If your back foot is near to the box or is touching any line of the box you will not be penalized.

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