The Advantages Of Using A Catalytic Space Heater

Whether you're trying to keep your family warm or else you want to reduce heating and cooling costs, a catalytic space heater could be the perfect solution. 

What is a catalytic heater?

A catalytic heater is a type of space heater used for heating up your home. Catalytic heaters are different from conventional heaters because they use a catalytic combustor, instead of a coal or gas-burning flame. To purchase catalytic space heaters, you can also pop over to this website.

Because of this difference in their design, the heat output is much higher and the heat is less harmful to the environment.

The Benefits of Using a Catalytic Space Heater

Catalytic space heaters are a great way to save money on heating during the winter when your home becomes too cold. They can even be beneficial in the summer months as well.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Effects

Catalytic heaters use a fine mesh of wire inside to convert the heat from its fuel source into an infrared light beam that heats up objects. The electromagnetic field (EMF) created by the heater can cause enough harm to your pet's health if the heater is left on too long or improperly installed.

Safety Precautions

To prevent fire and burning, catalytic heaters have a metal tube with a ceramic coated inside. These tubes are open at the bottom of the heater so they can quickly release heat to the room. They are typically mounted on metal stands or in chimneys, which is why they should always be turned off before you leave your home.

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