The Best Fishing Spots in Playa del Carmen

If you're in the mood for some serious fishing, Playa del Carmen is the place to be. Here are five of the best fishing spots in town: 

1. Caleta de Peten – Located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, Caleta de Peten is a pristine bay with crystal clear waters that are perfect for fishing. You'll find many different species of fish here, including tarpon and snook. Navigate to this site for more information about fishing trips in riviera maya.

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2. Isla Mujeres – Another great spot for fishing is Isla Mujeres. This island features crystal clear waters and plenty of fish to catch, such as catfish, carp and grouper. 

3. Xcaret – If you're looking for an exotic location to fish, Xcaret is your spot. The cenotes here offer some of the most unique fishing opportunities in all of Mexico. Expect to catch everything from jacks to white-tip reef sharks. 

4. El Lago – If you're looking for a more secluded spot to fish, El Lago should be your top choice. The lake offers peaceful surroundings and plenty of big game fish to catch, such as bass and tuna. 

5. Los Cabos – The island of Los Cabos is home to some of the best fishing in all of Baja California. The lake that borders Puerto Peñasco is loaded with yellowfin tuna, white-tip reef sharks and sea bass.

Best Places To Fish Baja California Night Fishing For Marlin, Tuna & Other Game In Mexico Night fishing for marlin, tuna and other game fish in Baja California can be the most rewarding fishing experience you will ever have.

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