The Common Problems Associated With Wisdom Teeth

Many people have experienced wisdom tooth infections, or at least know someone, a relative, or a friend who has experienced the pain. Sage infection is synonymous with excruciating pain, uncomfortable visits to the dentist, surgery, and severe pain after the operation.

Patients suffering from this condition experience severe pain in the associated side of the face, sometimes spreading to the ears and temple area of the head. You can also know more about wisdom tooth extraction treatment by clicking at:

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Facial swelling due to the buildup of pus is also common, such as difficulty opening your mouth and difficulty eating.

Gum ulcers that cover the affected wisdom tooth can also occur due to constant friction between the inflamed and swollen gums and the tooth in the opposite tooth arch.

A dentist visit is especially important if you experience similar symptoms. Lower sage infections can sometimes be life-threatening if left untreated, as the swelling can spread to the airways and affect breathing.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat acute infections in patients. This is sometimes given intravenously in the hospital in very severe cases. Mouthwash or antiseptic gel is also recommended to reduce the number of bacteria around the infected sage teeth.

Lastly, patients should be given good oral hygiene instructions so that they can use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the infected sage area to speed up the healing process.


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