The Elements of an Enterprise Resource Planning Scorecard

Having a system that allows integration of multiple departments is the best way to streamline processes in any company. This will make processes more effective and maintain jobs with less time required. 

This approach, says Enterprise Resource Planning, has allowed many businesses to succeed in managing their processes efficiently. After all, what needs to be managed, not the process. 

Enterprise Resource Planning

And correspondingly, enterprise resource planning or ERP is measured through an enterprise resource planning scorecard. As always, the main element in developing a scorecard is to develop a matrix by which performance is measured.

One must be able to establish the key elements of this instrument, before moving on to specific metrics for this scorecard. First of all, there should be a database from which all information will come.

If enterprise resource planning concerns the salaries and salary reports of project staff, there should be a source of this information and a place where this information will be dumped.

If the tool is being developed for customers, there also has to be a database in which customer information is stored. Keep in mind that this database should be secure from external access.

Another component that is necessary in the development of the ERP is the so-called software modular design. In some industries, this is known as the CRM or Customer Relations Management Tool. These are software programs which frontline representatives use to interact with clients and customers. 

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