The High Cost of Job Stress

Work pressure is estimated to cost the industry US $ 150 billion per year in reduced productivity, health insurance, direct medical expenses, absences, and compensation claims. The cost of stress at work is more than 15 times higher than all strikes combined. You can discover more information about job stress via

The High Cost of Job Stress

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There are several strategies for dealing with stress at work. It is important to understand that stress at work is the result of many causes and therefore needs to be addressed through multiple solutions.

Solving workers' stress problems will not solve broader job stress problems. Organizational change is essential to sustainably reduce the high-stress costs of the workplace.

Many of these strategies are simple and inexpensive to implement. They are certainly a good investment when compared to the high cost of stress in the workplace. Given the increasing levels of stress in this precarious economy, employers and employees must work together to tackle this debilitate problem.

To achieve this effectively, it is important to ensure clear communication between employees and management. Only then can an organization work as a unit to relieve or at least reduce stress in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses need to watch for signs of stress before it exceeds the allowable level. This is because individuals and small businesses may not have access to some of the resources available to larger organizations.

They are also very vulnerable to the harmful effects of job stress and the economic effects of these effects. The cost of stress at work is high for these people and companies.

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