The Influence of K-pop in Fashion

When we think about events like Hallyu and how important it is for the growth of K-pop across the globe, let's talk about the impact that K-pop has been able to have on fashion. In the end, K-pop is now the largest fashion competition for Harajuku with regards to when it is concerned with Asian fashion shows. If I'm being honest regarding its exposure, K-pop has greater fame as a place of style than Harajuku.

If there's one thing I'd like to bring back to the style of K-pop, it's its broad-based discourse that promotes individual expression. Due to the Korean trend and the growing popularity of K-pop artists, the country is now attracting global investors who were willing to add the latest fashions into concerts and television shows.

In addition, these same fashion companies and publishers have chosen to localize their marketing efforts in order to capitalize on this market segment and profit from the same hyper-consumerist traits of Koreans. BTS clothing is amongst the most favored fashion styles today. This had led to a great expansion of BTS-inspired clothing merchandise. If you are one of the craziest BTS fans or love K POP fashion, is the place you can explore for a variety of stylish clothes and accessories. 

It's not unusual to see K-pop celebrities sporting extravagant attire, as well as colors and accessories that complement the look. As I've come to see, all performers have an insignia that they display on stage, and also off stage.

Today, there are television programs and editorials devoted exclusively to airport fashion because of the frequency in which idols travel around Asia.


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