The Newcomers Starting Guide For RuneScape

When you create a Runescape account please read this guide before start playing it. When you start Runescape you will be asked to select your avatar. That avatar doesn't have to be exactly what you look like in fact try to make it look like what you love it too. To get more information about osrs money making you can search the browser.

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If you click ok when you are not ready, don't worry as you can change it later for 500 coins in Varrock. Varrock is north of Lumbridge where you will start your exciting adventure. Now then exit through the door in the room you are when you click ok from the avatar interface and you are on the tutorial island.

After that follow the path until you reach the survival tutor and then talk to her. She will give you a bronze hatchet, tinder box, and a small net. Then click on a tree to cut it, use a tinder box to a log to light it, and click on a fishing spot to catch fish.

At this stage, you will train your fire-making, woodcutting, and fishing. Try to get all the skills to level 3 so that it makes it easier when you are off tutorial island.

Then you will go to the cooking tutor and he'll teach you how to cook plus remember to get a lot of food as you will need it later. After that continue along the path and go down the ladder and head towards the mine. There talk to the person in charge and he will give you a bronze pickaxe and tell you to mine. Also, try to get all these levels to level 3. 

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