The Perfect Way To Choose Cigar

The body, size, and shape of the cigar are only physical characteristics of the cigar and have nothing to do with its quality. Anyone looking for the best cigars as a beginner will want to rely more on the quality of the refills. 

There are many good and bad quality cigars with perfect shapes, sizes, and bodies. Therefore, your only trick is to focus more on the filler quality of the refills. You can also buy the best high-quality cigars in Tampa through various websites.

Here is how to evaluate your cigar based on its quality:

Check the Packaging: As previously mentioned, the packaging of a cigar says a lot about its quality. You can judge your cigar by its cover. Since the packaging dictates the type of flavor and aroma you get from the smoke, you want to make sure that the cigar has a good quality wrapper – similar to most Cuban cigars.

Color uniformity: Make sure the cigars you buy are the same color. Cigars should not have stains or spots that are darker than others. Since cigars are usually stored in a humidor, they should not show any mold or stain marks. Make sure the body of the cigar has the same color.

It Shouldn't Dry: When buying a quality cigar, make sure it's not dry. Dried cigars light up quickly and leave you no room to experience the aroma. The cigar should be tight and free from cracks. 

Most cigars that are not stored properly will dry out and burn too hot. Avoid dry cigars for the best first cigar experience.

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