Tips For Hosting a Wine Tasting Event In Canada

Wine tasting parties are a great way to share your knowledge with friends. You will have the opportunity to try new tastes and discover new things at a wine tasting. Don't forget your restaurant uniform! Make your guests feel like they are in a wine tasting room.

Before you start planning your wine tasting party, it is important to determine the type of party that you want to host. You can make your party unforgettable by pairing wine and chocolate. If you plan to throw a party with wine or chocolate, make sure the wine is as sweet as the chocolate.  You can consider the basic wine course at to become a wine tasting expert.

Horizontal tastings are another great option for wine tasting. A horizontal tasting is where one wine variety from a specific year is the focus of the party. If you really enjoy sipping Merlots with your friends, you could choose Merlots from as many as four to six wineries that were bottled in the same year. 

Merlots can also be sourced from other parts of the world. You might also consider Merlots from France, Spain, Australia, and California. You and your guests will notice subtle nuances in the wines that you purchase, regardless of where they are from.

There is also a vertical option. This involves serving wine while wearing a restaurant shirt that is one of several vintages from the same winery. You would choose your favorite winery and pick the varietal you think everyone will like. Then, you'd buy several vintages from that same winery. This will show you how different wines can be depending on the weather. You could also visit the winery to learn more about grape growing conditions directly from the growers.

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