Tips for Paper Shredding in Your Business

Shredding sensitive documents have been a way to keep sensitive information from prying eyes for a long time. This process involves more than simply buying a machine and putting documents through the machine. 

Get Superior Shredding

You're likely familiar with the result of a store-bought conventional paper shredder: horizontal strips from whatever document was submitted. These strips can sometimes be so large that you can see the words.

A cross-cut shredder is what you need. These machines will take your documents and make them cut in two directions. This makes it very difficult to read the words because they are scrapped. They also make it nearly impossible to reconstruct a document. You can get the best paper shredding in Ireland via

Can You Reassemble Documents Cut by a Paper Shredder? - YouTube

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Hiring a Paper Shredding Company to Do it

You don't need to shred paper in-house. Although it might seem more practical to have your own shredding done, the truth is that it's probably better to hire someone to do it.

Professional shredding services are a smart choice. If you attempt to handle it within your company, it will mean that someone in the company has access to sensitive information. You will need to hire a specific candidate to fill this role if no one in the company is available.

First and foremost, they must have adequate time in their schedule to shred all of your documents. Second, you must be able to trust that if they notice something significant, they will not inform others. Third, and in the same spirit, you'll need someone who is highly compensated enough not to betray your trust.

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