Transforming Industry through Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon capture technology companies are capturing the carbon dioxide directly from the industries like refineries and power plants. This technology helps to keep the environment clean. Carbon capture technology is one of the best technologies capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors such as manufacturing and heavy industry.

When combined with bioenergy technologies for energy production. CCS can produce negative emissions by removing CO 2 from the atmosphere. In addition to direct carbon capture from fossil fuel plants, there are various ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Various companies are working on CCUS technology, Dastur Energy is one among them. You can get more knowledge about this carbon capture technology company via

The importance of Carbon capture technology in coal and gas power plants will depend on the regulatory framework. Utilities with CCUS potential can use these technologies to create a new revenue stream that improves the economics of existing generation resources while helping meet clean energy requirements.    

We also need to introduce technologies to remove carbon from the atmosphere – CCS is one such technology and therefore can play an important role in the fight against global warming. This could be an important technology to combat global climate change. Currently, CCS is the only technology that can help reduce emissions from large industrial plants.    

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