Unique And Fun Things To Do In Rochester, NY

America's first"boom town", Rochester has a reputation for being the sort of place you'll visit and want to remain. Through time, the region has received a lot of accolades such as; top ten places to holiday (Money Magazine), friendliest place in N.Y (Traveling Mother ), America's safest weather city in the Northeast (The Weather Channel), and standing as having the highest quality of life in the country (Expansion Management Magazine).  

There's a bustling metropolis in addition to a long list of fantastic parks and outdoor places to enjoy when traveling to Rochester. Read this article to know more about the things to do around in Rochester, MN

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There are numerous parks in the region to keep families and people entertained.  

Durand-Eastman park 

It offers activities like biking, golfing, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and much more. An exceptional narrative also follows this park: It's said that a lady in a white dress and her ghostly white dogs chase off unwanted visitors outside the remains of her castle. On your way into the park, there's an overlook on lakeshore drive where you can see Lake Ontario.  


Among the biggest jazz festivals in the country happens in Rochester. Launched in 2002, The Rochester International Jazz Festival brings about 133,000 music fans to the area every June.  The Big Rib Barbecue Fest is each July between the 12th and 15th.  

Seabreeze amusement park

Established in 1879 Seabreeze is the 4th oldest park in America. Seabreeze provides a bit of nostalgia while being a modern-day playground with all the bells and whistles. Among those roller coasters, the Jack Rabbit is very worth the visit.  This bit of history dates back to 1920 and is the oldest continually operating coaster from the U.S.  

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