Upgrade Your Photo With Plastic Business Cards – How?

Plastic business cards come in general sizes. The standard type of plastic card has the same size, shape, and thickness as a credit card. This kind of card is known as 30mil PVC by printers. The second type is 12mil PVC. These cards are of the same size and shape as a standard credit card, Yet it is half its thickness. These cards are unique and come in a variety of colors. All metal business card are waterproof and durable to use as a snow scraper on your car windows.

You can also use these cards online as they are available in a large variety of different colors and designs.

Other shapes of plastic business cards consist of frosted and pearl. Frozen plastic cards are usually available in 30ml size. It appears to be "frosty" because the plastic is opaque, which means it's a bit transparent, like looking in ice. Any color printed on crystalline plastic business cards also has an opaque image, so you need to remember that colors printed around the front and back can overlap. On the other hand, a talented graphic artist can easily harness this opaque property to create a truly unique design.

Usually, pearl plastic business cards are only available in gold or silver color on 30ml stock. The plastic itself is either golden or silver in color and has a pearl luster embedded within the plastic. It resembles the same luminosity as this pearl depending on how the light is reflected from the card. The colors printed on the pearly plastic cards appear vibrant.

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