Various Physiotherapy Methods In Burnaby

Physical therapists are experts in their fields, as they are surgeons in their fields. From sprains to bruises to fractures, physical therapists have the power to return the body to optimal performance. 

For less serious injuries, physical therapists can help you recover without surgery, while for more serious injuries, they can help you recover more quickly after surgery. You can choose the premium physiotherapy in Burnaby from

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Let's take a look at some of the physiotherapy methods and techniques below.


Physical therapists like to really get their hands dirty. Physiotherapists like to do things with their hands, for example a hands-on approach. Common examples are stretching, massage, and compression. 

Physiotherapy with drugs

Sometimes physical therapy needs to be done in combination with medication. For injuries such as muscle strain, it may be more helpful if the patient is given muscle relaxants and ointments along with interference therapy, which uses electrical signals that produce a light massage effect to stimulate the body to produce endorphins for natural pain relief.

Physiotherapy With Surgery

For much more serious injuries, physiotherapy combined with surgery gives the best results. Physiotherapy is started long before the date of surgery as patients need to strengthen their body and strengthen various major muscle groups.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation, when given in small, controlled doses, can help stimulate muscles to contract. This is especially important in patients who have suffered a traumatic injury resulting in loss of muscle function. Proper movement and function can be restored more quickly by using electrical stimulation.

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