What Is Essential For Installing CNG Kit In Your Car?

Are you thinking of converting your car to CNG? If yes, then the CNG tank, first of all, must comply with the standards for puncture and impact as that of the gasoline fuel tank. There are 4 different types of tanks available which are lighter and expensive than each other. The general and detailed information about the CNG tank can also be taken from dealers who offer CNG conversion kit installation in Chandigarh. Type 1 is of metal mainly made from steel or aluminum. Type 2 is a thinner metal wrapped around the middle. Type 3 is a metal tank wrapped in composite and the last type is plastic with carbon-fiber composite. The latter one is lightweight and best but available at a hefty price.

What things are necessary for Natural gas conversion?

As discussed in the previous passage, first of all, you need a fuel tank for CNG. Next to this is the regulator that reduces the tank pressure. The fuel then injected into the parallel lines through the injector inserted in an adapter. A wiring bundle followed the factory engine control unit and check the throttle information from where it is passed on to the fueling computer and the CNG injectors with the parallel wiring.

This is all you need for the CNG conversion in cars. We hope you will consider these essentials before getting the CNG fixed in your car.

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