What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an alternative to the process of finishing and painting your product. Instead of painting each product once completed, the product will go through the process of powder coating, which is very different from your standard paint job.

Metal products sprayed with a dry powder consisting of polymer resin, which was given an electric charge. This caused him to adhere to metal products. You can also browse online if you are looking for powder coating booth in CA.

After the powder evenly sprayed, the product is sent to the oven, where the heat turns the powder into a solid coat on the entire product, creating a finished even.

Step 1

Product goes through a cleaning chamber in which he was hosed down with chemicals and water to prepare the surface for coating.

Step 2

Product then goes through a drying room.

Step 3

Head of product into the powder booth! Here is sprayed with a designated color, before heading down the line to Step 4.

Step 4

Product is transferred into the oven where it bakes at 460 degrees until the powder into a solid coat around him. This process is not only interesting, but very efficient. What started out as a plain metallic slab can come out end of the line of powder coating in any color you need within 45 minutes from start to finish.

Just because there is something different and interesting does not necessarily mean it is the best choice, however. What makes powder coating better choice than paint for metal products industry? The main answer is durability.

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