What To Consider When Buying A Good Cigar

Whether you are a cigar expert or a first-timer, getting the right cigar for your taste is very important. Stepping into a cigar humidor for the first time can be overwhelming. You can also purchase the best  cigar by clicking at:

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With cigars differing in quality and price, how can you tell which option is best for you? These quick tips can help you find a good quality cigar for you.


However, as you've probably heard, price doesn't really matter when choosing a cigar. There are much cheaper cigars that still pack the wanted flavor and are highly praised by publications and cigar lovers.

As a first-time cigar buyer, opt for the cheaper cigars until you develop a taste preference and you can really enjoy the unique elements of the expensive cigars.


The quality of tobacco and cigar processing is one of the most important criteria in selecting cigars. You want to gently rotate the cigar between two fingers to check for lumps or soft spots. High-quality cigars have a uniform filling and should not have any special characteristics in terms of texture.

Check the sleeve and tobacco at the end, the sleeve should be thick, smooth, and undamaged. Although the tobacco may have slight variations in color, make sure the stain is not too strong in places as this could indicate poor leaf quality. 

The correct construction of the cigar and tobacco ensures a smooth and even withdrawal while smoking.

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