What Types Of Australia Work Visas Are There?

Australia is a beautiful country with busy cities, high employment opportunities, and quality living opportunities. If your business plans to expand in the country, you probably already have employees ready to move in and manage your new location. However, you must make sure that every worker is granted an Australian work visa to work and live legitimately in the country.

Many companies don't know how to get a work visa in Australia or how complex the visa types and staffing are. Globalization partners facilitate the process by acting as plate masters. However, many people also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest immigration news before moving ahead.

Australian Work Visas - Explore Visa Options For Working In Australia

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What types of Australian work visas are available?

Australia offers a wide variety of work visas for different professions including skilled workers, apprentices, investors, and seasoned business professionals. Your employees will most likely fall into the Qualified Professional category and may apply to:

Employer Nomination Scheme: 

Employers employ skilled workers who live and work in Australia.

Eligible Independent Visas: 

Workers and invited citizens with the skills required to live and work in Australia can obtain this visa.

RSMS (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) visa: 

The employer designates an employee who lives and works permanently in a regional part of the country.

Eligible Candidate Visas: 

The employer appoints skilled workers to live and work as permanent residents of Australia.

Temporary work visa (specialist for short-term stay): 

Temporary work visa for highly specialized short-term work.

Requirements for obtaining a work visa in Australia are:

  • Completion of medical examinations
  • Meets character requirements
  • Demonstration of proficiency in English
  • With three years of professional experience
  • Under 45 years
  • Read or explain the "Living in Australia" booklet
  • Signed the Australian Values Declaration
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