Why Not Use Black Truffle Sea Salt?

The American black truffle is a very popular piece of edible truffles and is actually more expensive than the less popular white truffle. This variety is a member of the nightshade family, which contains strong toxic chemicals. Also known as Creole truffles, this particular type is a tuber of the potato family that is also called a Maitake. The origin of the name 'Maitake' comes from the term for 'end of the sea', referring to the point at which its roots emerge from the sea floor.

As you might expect, this kind of truffle is quite salty. Many have eaten them to death before they can even get the taste of the salt taste. Black truffles should be consumed only after the salt has been freshly grated, meaning that once the end of the sea has been reached, it is advisable to use the cold method of preparation. The cold method of grating salt is done in a bowl using a grater in a covered container. This is especially recommended for those who live in areas where freezing is a problem, like us here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Grating salt does not mean that the salt crystals are too fine and big. In fact, it is possible to eat very fine salt, but this is far too fine for its taste. The salt that is used in this process should come from sea water as it is not possible to buy this in a store, because the salinity is too high and too much salt is not needed.

It is also best to use table salt instead of ordinary table salt, because the former contains iodine, which is harmful for those with iodine allergy problems. This ingredient will, however, be perfectly fine to eat, just as long as the person knows what he or she is doing. It is best to read the list of ingredients carefully and be aware of what exactly it is that has to be avoided. Some ingredients are very damaging to those who are allergic to iodine and must be avoided like the plague.

Now, the cold salt process is the same as when you grind salt in a mortar and pestle. Firstly, one should make sure that the bowl is sufficiently covered.

Next, the piece of black truffle sea salt is carefully placed in the bowl and, after squeezing it for a few seconds, it is then covered with a piece of cloth. When ready, the bowl is taken out of the bowl and the piece of salt is moved into the grater.

In this case, a heavy bag is not necessary, since there is a countertop version available and the common equipment needed for the grater. No need to invest on a centrifuge.

It is not a problem at all to grind and still remove a single piece of the tender black truffle. This is because the crystalline salt is generally very small and can easily be removed.

When used, care must be taken not to use the bowl near the countertop or kitchen sink, since the bowl may be soiled or damaged by the salt water. It is better to place the salt in the cabinet and keep it at the minimum.

To ensure the freshness of the products, a product can be left on the shelf for three to four weeks on a regular basis. This would ensure that the salt becomes completely dry. Using the cold method can eliminate the requirement to dry the truffles by drying them completely.

For the purpose of drying salt truffles, a bowl covered in plastic or screen is needed, since the open water will expose the part of the bowl that covers the base of the grater. Before the time runs out, the water is drained out and the excess is discarded. It is best to use a thick towel when drying the truffles so that they do not stick together.

As mentioned, black truffle salt can prove to be very dangerous if not properly prepared with care. Its use should only be done in a well ventilated area, as the very low temperature from the bowl may cause a serious health problem, in some people.

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