Why ZZ Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

ZZ plants are beautiful indoor plants with attractive, glossy green leaves as well as tall curving stems. They're notoriously resistant to negligence, but that isn't enough to make them impervious to destruction. 

At Present time you can make a purchase ZZ plant online . This article will discuss all the typical ZZ plant issues as well as the best ways to prevent and fix them.

large ZZ plant

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The most frequent ZZ Plant problems are yellow leaves and root rot, which are caused due to overwatering. I'll cover all of the typical issues that can be encountered by your ZZ plant, and attempt to assist you in getting your plant back to health.

1. ZZ Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

The yellow foliage of ZZ Plants is most commonly caused by excessive watering. It is common for this to occur to the older and lower leaves first. They may also be followed by brown tips on the leaves and a lack of growth. The reason why the ZZ Plant has this problem take a look at the following.

The overwatering process is by far the most frequent reason for yellow leaves Check this first. Check for other indicators of excessive watering Early indicators include the yellowing of leaves and edema. 

2. It's a sign that your ZZ Plant Isn't Growing New Leaves

When your ZZ plant isn't growing new leaves The most likely reason is a lack of lighting. ZZ plants like direct, bright light. Cold temperatures or any other reason for stress could cause your ZZ plant not to grow.

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