Window Cleaning – Consider Hiring A Professional

You can be the owner of a house whose house has windows that are difficult to reach or the manager of a building whose building has a glass facade that needs washing. In both cases, you may need a professional window cleaner like Bull18 Cleaners.

Many states will have industry associations that will establish NES and industry guidelines, as well as professional window cleaner certifications. This SOP is essential for the proper performance of the cleaning service, as well as ensuring the safety of the cleaning windows while providing services. 

The latter is important because professional cleaners are often hired to clean windows in hard-to-reach or elevated areas that are physically dangerous to access.

When using a professional window cleaning service, you can rely on the following standard procedures:

Receive a price quote

Professional window cleaners can usually answer questions over the phone. Expect to be asked for the following details: number and size of windows to be cleaned, window types and conditions and their location/accessibility.

If the windows are standard-sized, made of standard materials known to cleaners, require no special cleaning, and are in a very easy-to-reach area, a professional cleaner can make a bold quote over the phone. For more complex jobs, professional cleaners will prefer to only provide an estimate over the phone and make a firm quote for the actual service provider or if the cleaner has performed a personal inspection of the window. 

How much does a professional window cleaner cost?

Professional window cleaners rarely charge their services based on the number of windows to be cleaned. They usually set a minimum fee for basic services and additional fees based on window size, the difficulty of cleaning, and accessibility. There is an additional fee for cleaning window accessories like blinds, weed shutters, etc.

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