All about Antique Mirrors

Here are some of the reasons why people are searching for antique mirrors at auction. Mirrors that are antique are a wonderful option to brighten up any space. Mirrors have been around longer than they were introduced in the Middle Ages and have become crucial, yet rarely recognized as a part of our daily lives. 

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Antique Mirrors: A Guide to Identifying & Collecting Mirrors

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Mirrors are the place where we look at our appearance in the end. Mirrors also serve a purpose in that they can provide a hint of classy style to any room.

Antique mirrors are beautiful to enhance any room. They're an entire class of their own because of the elegant designs and mysterious feel that they provide. Antique enthusiasts will love the way they look in any room such as the dresser or living room. 

If you're interested in purchasing the mirror, then there are numerous types and designs that are available at stores across the world.

The styles of antique mirrors differ in accordance with the workmanship, the architecture, and the method used to produce the reflection glass. These features can be easily identified by antique dealers and collectors in the time period that the mirrors are from.

Mirrored antique glass mirrors can be among the oldest mirrors in existence that date back as early as the sixteenth century. They are made from glass which is coated with reflective material and produced using the process of silvering.

Baroque mirrors are more refined, as they are constructed from small pieces of glass placed on wooden surfaces, mostly walnut and oak with a silver or gold leaf finish. The idea behind the finish was to create warm light reflections similar to that of sunlight.

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