Benefits Of Skin Toners

Toner is a skincare product used after cleaners and before moisturizing or serum. It's used to balance the level of skin pH. When sebum on your skin is mixed with sweat, it forms a layer called an acid coat. This layer is a little sour and has a pH of 4-5.5. Pyunkang yul skin care toner for the face helps neutralize this pH.

Here are some benefits of using skin toner:

  • Toner can restore your skin pH levels, keep it soft and healthy.
  • No matter how well you clean your skin, there may be traces of makeup and stubborn dirt. Toners come to save you in eliminating all dirt after cleaning.

  • This can shrink the pores and remove all the excess oil from your face, making it very useful for acne tends to skin.

  • This forms an additional protective layer, reducing the risk of environmental contaminants that enter your skin.

  • Toners can function like moisturizers. Some have humectants, namely skin care material that attracts moisture from the air and provides it on the skin.

Anyone can use toner. You can find toners for every skin type. Their actual aim of toner is to balance your skin pH, in addition to overcoming skin problems. Avoid toner containing alcohol, menthol and fragrances because this can disrupt the skin barrier.

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