Biodegradable Plastic: A Revolution In The Green Technology

Biodegradable plastic resins are one of the big steps taken in the discovery of the green revolution. Technology has become a favorite in the plastics industry. It was tested first in the manufacture of plastic cups and then in other plastic products. It's worth noting that the manufacture of petroleum-based plastics has done more damage than help to the environment in recent years.

Many manufacturers of biodegradable bags such as have no decision on how to best dispose of the product after use. For years, plastic was seen as a challenge, not a solution for humans.

Biodegradable bags: a load of rubbish? - Toronto Environmental Alliance

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This is only because plastic products are made of inorganic materials so they do not dissolve easily in nature. Many of these products have been washed in the sea and cause environmental problems as a result. The decaying particles are sometimes consumed by fish or other living things in the sea or on land. The final destination of these particles is in the human body. Tests show that the consumption of these particles can cause cancer and other related diseases.

One of the reasons why the manufacture of petroleum-based plastic products has been a source of inexpensive and finished raw materials in the past. This has led to the mass production of plastic bags, plastic paper, and other related products. The invention of green technology came not only at the right time but also as a solution to the problem of disposing of plastic waste that has not been maintained for centuries.

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