Certification on Health and Safety Training

Preventing the deterioration of health and injury caused by the work of their employees has become one of the top priorities for employers. Anyone can opt for these online Health and safety online training courses easily via online portals.

* Employees are not injured or sick because of their work.

* Develop a healthy and safe work environment and make a healthy and safe life second nature to employees.

* Help you avoid the costs and financial losses you incur due to illness or illness of your employees at work

Available courses:

There are many institutions on the market that offer training in various health and safety courses, the largest of which is IOSH (Institute for Safety and Health at Work). Founded in 1945, this salaried body has more than 37,000 members and has pioneered the establishment of standards.

They provide resources and guidelines for health and safety training which can be carried out by internal trainers, external trainers, or through community courses.

Apart from commercial training, they also offer training courses for schools and are committed to this field. According to statistics, more than 120,000 people take IOSH health and safety courses every year.

The aim of this course is to develop knowledge, awareness and understanding of the legal, moral and social responsibilities of managers in relation to the health, safety and welfare of each construction site. 

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